Note: Clinic is ran by Locum Doctor on Sundays (regular doctors are off)

General Practice Fees
Consultation 60
Weekend/bank holiday Consultation 65
Extended Consultation/Multiple Issues 15+ mins (please state when booking) 100
Follow up visit (within 10 days) 40
Consultation for parent & child 100
Students (with valid student card) 50
Students (with valid student card) Weekend 55
Blood test (consultation fee extra) 65
Blood test (including consultation fee) 120
Ear syringing 70-75
Wart Treatment 1st treatment, (we do not remove genital or facial warts by cryotherapy) 65 (plus €10-15 per wart depending on number)
Wart Treatment 2nd and subsequent treatment (we do not remove genital or facial warts by cryotherapy) 40
Driving License Medical 70
Standard/Employment Medical without forms 100
Standard/Employment Medical with forms (blood tests not included) 120
Fit for Work Consultation and Letter 80
Family Planning & Well Women Clinic
Consultation 60
Emergency Contraception Consultation 60
Repeat Contraceptive Pill Prescription 50
Pregnancy test (in addition to consultation fee) 10
Cervical Smear (HSE): Cervical smear tests are free to all women over 25 approved by Cervical Check. To register visit & bring the letter you get in the post to the clinic FREE
Cervical Smear (Private) 160
Combined Pregnancy Care (subject to approval from HSE) FREE
Swabs 15 each
Health Checks
Full Male / Female Medical 200
Full Male / Female Medical (with STDs) 260
Travel Vaccinations
Full Travel Package
Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Malaria Prescription & Consultation
Full Travel Package (as above) + Yellow Fever Vaccination
We are Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
Sexual Health Clinic
Full Sexual Health Screening and Advice 120
Full STI Health Screening + Standard consultation 155

* Please note that clinic on Sunday is run by a locum doctor (regular doctors are off)

** A surcharge of €5 applies to the consultation fee for all Weekend and Bank Holiday visits

*** Blood tests, medicals, travel vaccinations are not available on weekends and bank holidays

Practice Policy

Medical Certification / Sick Notes / Reports

There has been a substantial increase in the numbers of patients requesting a letter from their doctor for various services they require, Requests for forms to be completed and certificates to be signed also take up a considerable amount of time. Please give plenty of notice and do not leave it until the last minute if you have a request of this nature. Please note that all patients will be charged for this facility.

Patients requiring a sick note for work must attend the surgery in person and be seen by the Doctor who can then certify them. We cannot issue Medical certificates to patients without being seen by the Doctor. the exception to this is when patients have been an inpatient in Hospital and we have received a letter.

Medical Cards / E111 Cards

Please note that we do not accept medical cards or E111 cards.

Test Results

Dame Street Medical Centre carries out a large number of clinical tests – some are carried out “on-site” e.g. Blood tests, Swabs, Urine Cultures and others may require a visit to a Hospital or Clinic, eg X-rays, Ultrasound Scans, MRI scans etc. The referring doctor will let you know approximately when your test results will be available, and also agree with you beforehand on how we will communicate these results to you. If your results are normal, and with your prior permission, we may inform you by phone. Alternatively, and with good clinical reasons, we may ask you to return to the clinic for follow up consultation to discuss your results with the Doctor.

Please note that it is the patient responsibility to follow up their test results with the clinic. If we do not call you don’t assume that your tests are normal.

Women who have a Cervical Smear under the current Cervical Check Programme will be notified of their results directly by post by Cervical Check.

Repeat Prescriptions

We do not issue prescriptions without seeing the patient but occasionally (if the patient was seen recently) we do. Repeat prescriptions may be ordered at reception. Please allow at least 24 hours (and preferably 48hrs) notice. A fee applies for such prescriptions. For certain prescriptions a check up may be needed and consultation with the doctor is required e.g. contraceptive pill, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, etc. Please note that repeat prescriptions are always at the discretion of the Doctor, and not the Receptionist.

Email Communication

Please note our email facility is strictly for dealing with appointments. Unfortunately we cannot accept any communications regarding medical information for legal reasons. Any email containing such information will not be forwarded to a GP and will not be responded to.

Aggressive Behaviour

We treat all patients with respect and courtesy and we would expect the same respect and courtesy in return. Any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated and will be dealt with through the appropriate channels.


Confidentiality is a fundamental principle of medical ethics and is central to the trust between patients and doctors. Patients are entitled to expect that information about them will be held in confidence. While the concern of the patient’s relatives and close friends is understandable, we cannot discuss or disclose information to anyone without the patient’s written consent. We ask you for personal information so that you can receive care and treatment. This information is recorded on computer. The practice will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times by all members of the practice team. However, for the effective functioning of a multi-disciplinary team it is necessary that medical information about you is shared between members of the team.

Comments & Suggestions

We are happy to accept and consider comments and suggestions from our patients. Please present your views in writing at the reception or use our suggestion box.

Complaints Procedure

We always try to provide the best service possible, but there may be times when you feel That this has not happened. The following information explains our in-house complaint procedure, drawn up to respond to patient`s grievances. Our practice procedure is not able to deal with questions of legal liability or compensation. We hope you will use it to allow us to look into and, if necessary, correct any problems that you have identified, or mistakes that have been made. If you use this procedure it will not affect your right to complain to the Health Board. Please note that we have to respect our duty of confidentiality to patients and patient`s consent will be necessary if a complaint is not made by the patient in person. If you do wish to make a complaint, please telephone or write to our Practice Manager. Full details will be taken and a decision made on how to best undertake the investigation.


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089 216 4905 (Sat-Sun)